My Black Ass Thanksgiving

If you didn’t get a chance to hear it Episode 1v2 INYFB, definitely check it out! It’s sure to titillate your mind on what it means to be fetishized amongst several other interesting hot topics.

In Episode 1v3 Black Ass Thanksgiving, Huey and Trixie each had their separate shenanigans. Trixie went through the process of adopting a rescue shelter dog she affectionately named Cash Money. Adopting a new dog was a longer process than anticipated but well worth it considering the gift of potentially being a new puppy mommy! Huey enjoyed a good Friendsgiving celebration with his friends and went to an adult slumber party where he kicked-it, enjoyed hookah, and drank through the night.

Both discussed what they’re both looking forward to and hoping to avoid this holiday season. For Trix, it’s that dreaded question that just about every single woman gets…”Where is your Man?” Huey can’t stand being asked about when he’s going to settle down and have kids. In his mind, he’s only 30 and it’s not like he’s been putting off having children THAT long!  

Every Black Ass Thanksgiving has its fair share of family drama. Sometimes those memes that you see on Black Twitter joking about Black Thanksgiving are true! Even I had to endure the boyfriend question this year which I was hoping to avoid this year. These conversations had us pondering about when we felt was the right time to bring our significant others home to meet our families.  Huey thinks it should be whenever you feel you are ready. However, he’s not about to bring just anyone to meet his family.  If he decides to bring someone home, you know he’s in a very serious relationship with her. Trixie is more of a private person with her dating life, but she feels as though you should just “go with the flow” and it should be a very mutual decision.

If you ask me, as a person who has been through a few long-term relationships you have to take into consideration if your significant other wants to see their family for the holidays, it can be hard to split time between two households unless you’ve discussed it prior. Also, you want to always be sure that it isn’t just a casual everyday dating relationship. Let’s be real, why waste a good Thanksgiving meal on someone who isn’t even planning to stick around beyond next week?!

As always, thank you for tuning in!


I’m Not Your Fetish Bitch!

Last week we discussed what it means to feel as though you have been objectified and fetishized in the eyes of another person. Also, we addressed how one’s sense of self-esteem has a personal effect on his or her overall dating life.  

Check out this question one listener had for our Trix with the Fix segment:

“I’m an Afro-Latina woman with a very curvaceous Latina look. Because of my look, a lot of men tend to right away fetishize me and put me into that sex kitten hot Latina role. They right away want me to always be sexy, speak Spanish to them especially in the bedroom, and play that hot Latina role they’ve always dreamed of. I don’t want to be anyone’s fetish… I don’t even speak Spanish. How do I let these guys know that I actually am more than what they’ve fetishized me to be?


I’m not your fetish… Bitch”

Trix definitely had something powerful to say, but one major point is definitely setting your standards and not allowing anyone to put you into a specific category or role. If you realize someone is only out to use in some way, let’s say just for some specific fantasy sex role, then chances are they’re not THAT into you boo.

Another topic we discussed was body positivity. Huey addressed whether he felt his height has an impact on his dating life while Trixie addressed if her weight has had an impact on hers.  

Do women have a height requirement for men? Are men fetishizing BBW’s? To hear some more great words of wisdom, click here. take a listen to last week’s episode of The Book of Huey, 1v2 INYFB, and don’t forget to listen to Episode 1v1 – The Road to Pre-Bae!

The Road to Pre-Bae

Jeanine Cruz

Wednesday, 11/8/17

Pre-Bae is your crush.

Last week we discussed how to get on that road to finding your Pre-Bae. What is “Pre-Bae,” you may ask? It’s just someone that you’re getting to know, you’re dating, you’re kicking it with… your crush, the person you want to “swan dive in their DMs” with, as Huey so eloquently puts!

The Road to Pre-Bae is the process of figuring out how to get back on the dating scene, being vulnerable, facing the various challenges, and exposing yourself to the opportunities in front of you. Just remember, you have to take into account that there is a sense of vulnerability when getting back into dating. Figure out your core values, walk in your truth, and discover what it is you truly want on your Road to Pre-Bae.

Remember to be honest with others about your expectations. For instance, if you’re dating multiple people at the same time, give them a heads up so that you’re on the same page with your current date and be honest with yourself about your expectations, as well. Sometimes our very own expectations can be unrealistic and hold us back from finding not only what we truly want, but what we truly need.

“An opportunity for all of us to be honest about who we are and making sure that people understand our expectations, making sure that we set expectations before we enter into any relationship, situationship, whatever – just set your expectations and be honest upfront. That’s always an opportunity.” ~ Trixie

When you live in your truth, experiences begin to change and your circles begin to grow. You start to discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know before, and that opens your dating pool even more on your Road to Pre-Bae! Most of all remember not to take things too seriously and enjoy yourself. Learn to laugh and be fully present in the moment. Happy Pre-Bae hunting!

Three things to take away from Chapter 1v1 of the Book of Huey:

  1. Love your MF-ing self. Live your truth. In every stage of the game, whether you succeed, fail, or fuck up, love yourself immensely. If you love yourself the way you’re supposed to you’ll be graceful, hopeful, merciful, forgiving, and challenge yourself to be your best despite your failures and mistakes.

  2. We all make mistakes and do things we’re not proud of. The biggest part of growth and maturity is to be able to look at yourself naked and accept who you are with every flaw.

  3. Self-love is knowing who you are with sober judgment.

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The Book of Huey Podcast

The Book of Huey Podcast has the pleasure of introducing you to our hosts, Huey Booker and Trixie Summerborn. Though both from Cleveland, Ohio, they didn’t meet and become friends until they connected in the Washington, D.C. area in 2015 when Huey “swan-dived face-first” in Trixie’s DMs. They are now the best of friends, talk all the time, and want to share their conversations with the world.

They have a dedicated aim and focus. “Huey and I have like the best conversations always talking about love, life, sex, relationships,” Trixie said. “I think I have a unique perspective. I’m really excited to meet more people during this process… hear different people’s opinions.”

Huey echoed Trixie’s thoughts in that he’s most excited about the types of conversations that [they’re] going to have and made it very clear that he’s no relationship guru. He likes to talk to people, debate, and probe, particularly about the show’s 5 topics – love, sex, dating, relationships, and all the fuckery in-between. It’s most important to him that The Book of Huey is a “safe ass space where people don’t feel judgement, they don’t feel condemned, and we can just talk about the different lifestyles that are available, the different opportunities that people have.”

They don’t pretend to be relationship gurus. Huey and Trixie are dedicated to speaking from the heart as they live and share from their own personal experiences. For example, Trixie recently decided to take a break from dating because she “really wasn’t meeting the type of men that [she] should be developing life long friendships or even romantic relationships with.” After getting tired of experiencing the same struggles, she decided to take a step back and “change up her circle a little bit” for different results.

Huey actually “recently started dating again” as [he] had a short-lived relationship earlier this year” that didn’t really work out. In his words, there’s no villain to that story, but Trixie adamantly disagrees.

They are passionate about open, transparent communication. We’re all very different people in our likes, preferences, and proclivities, so it stands to reason that our experiences, perspectives, decision making styles, and worldviews would also all be different.

In Huey’s opinion, people “shouldn’t wait until they’re in the midst of a passionate disagreement before they have serious conversations about compromise and their non-negotiables. At this point, it’s too late, especially if emotions are high and everyone involved is on the defensive.

It’s his hope that someone will be listening and hear something on the show that challenges them on a deeper level to find opportunities to engage in these types of dialogues, but in a safe way before there’s a problem in their relationship. 

Be sure to checkout Episode 1v1 – The Road to Pre-Bae at both SoundCloud and YouTube.

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I am Huey MF Booker!

1. Who am I?

I am HueyMF Booker! My friends describe me as a witty, cunning poet, story-teller, wannabe comedian, and lover of life that breaths in deeply. I crave passion, authenticity, and vibrancy.

1. Who am I?

I am HueyMF Booker! My friends describe me as a witty, cunning poet, story-teller, wannabe comedian, and lover of life that breaths in deeply. I crave passion, authenticity, and vibrancy.

2. What is your passion?

I am passionate about getting people to actively live out their truth, particularly in their romantic relationships. I think many of us hide behind our religious beliefs, cultural practices and traditions, and societal norms without ever figuring out who we are outside of these things. I enjoy talking about provocative topics and asking deep, leading questions that poke, probe, and prod in order to get others to critically evaluate their worldview.

3. Why are you passionate about this topic?

I am passionate about this topic because of my own growth and relational maturity that I’ve experienced in the last few years since the end of my engagement which was very impactful on me. Though heartbreaking, the healing process was transformational in helping me to discover my truth, solidify my convictions, and gain a deeper sense of security in the type of life and experiences I want for myself.

4. What can your followers expect from you?

Followers can expect me to be raw and uncut. I yearn for a deeper understanding of the many different expressions of love and purpose. I am committed to creating safe spaces for others to communicative and be themselves all with critical self-evaluation in mind.

Live Your Truth!

Huey Booker

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