Ice Cream

August 10th, 2016

Me: Hello?

Ice Cream: Hey..

Me: What up, dou?

IC: You tell me, Stranger!

Me: Stranger?

IC: Yeah, you heard me… STRANGER, tf!

Me: …

IC: Hellloooooo?

Me: So, you called to give me attitude?

IC: No. No, I didn’t… I just think its funny how you picked me up, only touched me one time, and I ain’t heard from you since.  Like…

Me: I’m saying…

IC: What are you really saying, Vin-ci-ENT!  What is you saying.  Like, for real though?

Me: Since when the hell am I Vincient?

IC: Since you acting all brand new like you’on know nobody!

Me: Mannnn, what you doing?

IC: Me. I’m doing me.

Me: For real?  That’s what we on today?

IC: I’m chilling.  Why!?  What YOU wanna know for?

Me: [Sigh] … Where you at?

IC: Where YOU left me – that’s where.  The hell.  I’m at!.

Me: For one, don’t talk to me like that.  Two, I ain’t asking twice.  Three, don’t talk to me like that.

IC: Alright, gawdddd.  I’m right by the door… waiting.

Me: Cool.  On my way.

IC: 😘😘😘

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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