August 13th, 2016

Gym: 😤 Hi…

Me: What’s up witchu?

Gym: I’m great, thanks.

Me: How’s your day going?

Gym: Fine.

Me: Just fine?

Gym: Yep.

Me: Is something wrong?

Gym: No.

Me: Then why am I only getting one, two word answers?

Gym: …

Me: …

Me: Hello?  I know she ain’t just…

Gym: Boy, you should be lucky I emm answ… Never mind. I said I wasn’t gone do this witchu when I answered the phone. Not today.

Me: Say what chu gotta say.

Gym: Nothing, Vincient.  I don’t have anything to say.

Me: Here you go with that Vincient shh.

Gym: Well, that is your name, right?  Vincient Huey Booker so…

Me: Really?  My whole government, huh?

Gym: …

Me: Anyway, it’s been a minute so I was thinking about coming to see you.

Gym: …

Me: Man, I know you heard me!

Gym: Yeah, and I heard you say you were ‘thinking’ so that’s what I’m doing – letting you think.

Me: You don’t want to see me…

Gym: Is that a question or a statement?

Me: What?

Gym: Boy!  I’m busy with customers.  You already know I don’t have time to play games with you.

Me: I miss you.

Gym: You just miss that thing that I do.

Me: And?

Gym: You don’t deserve it!

Me: Says who?

Gym: Says, the fact that I haven’t seen or heard from you in OVER a week!  Yet and still, you had time for, wait, what are their names again?  Chipotle and Ice Cream, right?

Me: Man…

Gym: Don’t fucking ‘man’ me, Vin-ci-ENT. I saw your lil posts or whatever, and… see THIS is why I said never mind.

Me: Look, you already know..

Gym: What I know IS – EYE have customers an YOU playing with my money right now.  So, what you need to do is…

Me: Didn’t you get the money I sent you the other day?

Gym: The other day?  The. Other. Day. Vin-ci-ENT!?  You mean, on August the 2nd?  Damn near TWO WEEKS AGO, tf!?  Don’t ever try an play me!

Me: Here we go…

Gym: Anyway… YEAH!  I got the lil money you sent, but why haven’t I seen you?  That’s what’s important right now.

Me: I’m saying, dou, Baby Girl…

Gym: Ain’t that what you told that lil trolip, Ice Cream – “I’m saying, dou?” Can’t keep running the same game, Vin-ci-ENT! I ain’t one of your lil ‘friends’ out here.

Me: You saw that, too huh?

Gym: Uh, yeah!  You thought I wouldn’t see or something?

Me: So, I can’t come see you today?

Gym: You know my hours here at work so – do you.

Me: That’s what I wanna doooooo lol.

Gym: For real, though. Be serious – you coming?  It really has been forever an a day…  Even if it was just a quick hi for like 15 minutes, I’d like that.

Me: 😎

Gym: You just think you cute, don’t you?

Me: Ain’t I, though?

Gym: 😘

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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