Gym, Part II

August 17, 2016

Part: I

Gym: (To Customer 1) Hi, welcome to Sport & Health!  Can I scan your ID?  (Beep!)  Enjoy your workout!

giphy (66)

Gym: (To Customer 2) Hey, welcome. (Beep!)  Enjoy your workout!

giphy (53)

Gym: (To Customer 3) Heyyyy!  (Beep!)  Enjoy!

giphy (55)

Me: (Walking up to the counter)



giphy (48)

Me: #HeyBoo!


giphy (7)

Me: Oh, it’s like that?

Gym: Emph!

giphy (88)

Me: Hey.  Look dou, I know I said I’d come through the other day, but…

Gym: Don’t emm try it.

giphy (74)

Me: Nawl, for real.  I was getting ready to come this way, but summ came…


giphy (24)

Me: Pssht.  Whatever, man.

giphy (27)

Me: Lemme see what this workout hitting on for tuh-day!

Me: What up, Tim?  I see you, boy and… Man… WTH!  Somebody come get Steve!  He doing weird shh again!

giphy (9)

Me: Less gone ‘head and buss out this cardio right quick.

(Cue Spotify)

giphy (15)

(5 minutes later)

giphy (5)

(2 minutes later)

giphy (11)

Me: Oh, they got Power!  Gone head Sport & Health.

giphy (6)

Me: Damn, girl!

giphy (8)

Me: Haha.  Yeah, yeah – don’t worry.  I’m cool.  The bike is better for my knees anyway. (Slurp)

giphy (17)

Me: Bet, now its time for this work.

(Cue struggle)

giphy (20)

Me: Man, why is this so hard?

giphy (7)

Me: I know I used to be in here everyday, but still.  It’s only been two weeks.

giphy (9)


giphy (42)

Trainer: Alright ladies, let’s hit the free weights.

giphy (10)

Me: Ninety-eight-tah!

giphy (19)

Me: Ninety-nine!


Me: One-hunnid!

giphy (1)

Gym: #BoyBye!


Me: She always trippin..

giphy (47)

Me: Damn, Susie when you start lifting like that?  Yeah, but you know what – I’ll be right back.

(Moves down 50 feet)

giphy (16)

Me: Aye, Brit!  Yeah, I do a lil summ-summ.  Try ta get it in when I can.  What these – jus some 45s.

giphy (18)


giphy (90) 

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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