August 18, 2016

Work: TAKE me home!

giphy (2)

Me: Damn!  But, we just got here?

giphy (25)

Work: And, I’m retta go.

giphy (40)

Me: What that got to do with me?

Work: Do you want to keep me?

giphy (18)

Me: You know that’s sexual harassment right!?


giphy (12)

Me: Look, I don’t want to leave yet so…

giphy (10)

Work: And!?

giphy (43)

Me:  OMFG!  Man, I been witchu all day.  All day!


giphy (36)

Me:  ANDD – we JUST got to the spot.  Just chill and have a good time.

Work: You know.  EYE HATE.  When YOU.  Tell me.  TA chill!

giphy (46)

Me: That’s cause you neh-ver chill!

Work: Well, I’m not finna repeat myself so…

giphy (79)

Me: …

Work: Look, I can ea-zih-lee find somebody else to take me home since you want to play around witcha lil friends all night.

Me: Do you!  Spoiled ass…

Work: (Scoff) Bye!

giphy (30)

Me: Aight, look man…

giphy (14)

Work: I knew you would see things my way.

giphy (35)


giphy (89)

To be continued… 


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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