Gym, Part III

August 19, 2016

Part: III

Me: Self, you killed it, today.

giphy (7)

Me: Stay focused.

giphy (11)

Gym: Looking good.

Me: 😐

giphy (1)

Gym: SO… who was she?

giphy (52)

Me: She?

giphy (22)

Gym: You KNOW who I’m talking about!

giphy (43)

Me: EYE-uh, don’t know nothin! (Wink)


giphy (78)

Me: And, when did you start talking to me again?

Gym: I’ve always been talking to you, crazy… You just needed to be taught a lesson.

giphy (75)

Me: A lesson?   Man, wha…

Gym: You heard me… a lesson.  One, ya still ain’t learned from, I see… Who. Was. She?

giphy (14)

Me: So, after that whole silent treatment, teach me a lesson ploy, THIS is what you want to talk about?

Gym: Whatever!

Me: So, did you want something or nah?  I still got a few things to do…

giphy (77)

Gym: Oh, don’t be rude, Vincient.

giphy (6)

Me: All I’m saying is why do you want to talk to me – NOW?  What done changed from when I first walked in here until now?

Gym: First of all, don’t act like you aren’t dead-ass wrong for how you’ve been towards me lately.

Me: ???

Gym: You SHOULD be lucky I’m eem entertaining you.  Right.  Now. If im being really honest.

Gym:  Second of all…

Me: Wait, lucky?

Gym: Obbb-viously, you heard what I said!

Me: Lucky?  Me, lucky!?

giphy (8)

Gym: Now, you know I do NOT repeat myself…

Me: Man, wha’chu talmbout?

Gym: As I was saying… Seh-COND of all you have a real jacked-up way of thinking!

Me: Oh, yeah…  How so?

Gym: So, for example, you really thought yo ass was finna just run up in me five, six, semm times a week, put it down,  CON-SIS-TENT-LY and then – jus STOP!?  You went ghost right out the blue – no warning.  No nothing!

Me: I mean, I…

giphy (15)

Gym: AND-duh, on top of all THAT-tuh, I was just supposed to be cool with you LY-ING about wanting to come see me – and then showing up DAYS after that?  How would you feel?  You’d be cool with that?

giphy (42)


giphy (15)

Gym: I didn’t.  THINK.  So!

giphy (69)

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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