August 21, 2016

Weight Watcher’s

Me: Sup ma!

Cocoa:  Nada!  Just missing Zaddy!

giphy (1)

Me: I miss you too, baby.  When I’m gone see you again?

Cocoa: When you wanna see me?


Me: Always!

Cocoa: Is that right?

giphy (23)

Me: Yeah!  Sweet.  Tooth.  JUMPIN!

Cocoa: What about right now?

giphy (1)

Me: Can’t…

Cocoa: You must be wit one of my many sister-wives.  Yay!

200 (1)

Me: LOL, you wild!

Cocoa: You betta geddit!  You know I ain’t tripping.

giphy (14)

Me: I’m just tryna be like you!

Cocoa: Boy stawwwp!  HA-HA!

giphy (24)


Weight Watcher’s: Baeeee-uh?  Where you at?  I’m getting lonely in here!

Me:  I’ll be right there.

Cocoa: Who dat?  Ohhh – right!

giphy (8)

Cocoa: Well, when you done en-ter-TAIN-ing – hit me up.

giphy (15)

Me: Bet!

giphy (7)

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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