Checking Account

August 22, 2016

Checking Account: Hello?

Me: Hey, what’s been going on witchu?

CA: Nothing much…

Me: I’m saying, I got your messages.  What go you so down?

CA: Just sorting a few things out – got a lot pending right now, you know?  It seems like things just don’t want to clear these days.


Me: That it?

CA: Well, me and your friend keep getting into it…

200 (1)

Me: Friend – who?

giphy (7)

CA: You know WHO?  Who else did you set me up with!

giphy (41)

Me: No!  He didn’t?

CA: Yes!

Me: Again?

giphy (12)

CA: Why do you be letting him do this to me, Vince?  Why!?  I just don’t understand…

Me: I swear I don’t.

giphy (18)

CA: Oh, you don’t!?


Me: On everything, dou!

CA: Really!?  That’s all you got to say?  How is that possible?

giphy (38)

Me: He mad wild, C.  I don’t even know what to say, for real.

giphy (17)

CA: I might be feeling some kind a way or whatever, but I ain’t stupid!  We both work for you.  You two are always together.  You MUST know something!  What are we really talmbout right now?

giphy (5)

Me: I know you’re upset, but that’s an exaggeration.

CA: So, you telling me, IF you went into your wallet right now, your Debit Card wouldn’t be there – jus itching to slide up in one of them new chip card readers!!!???


giphy (19)

CA: Gone head an think of a lie!  I’m just WAITING for you to lie.

Me: Aight, so what had happened, right…

giphy (5)

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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