Gym, Part IV

September 1, 2016

Gym: I, II, III

Gym: So, back to what I was saying before you distracted me – who was you talking to?

giphy (12)

Me: Man, wha!


Gym: When you walked in here earlier, you were on the phone.  Who. Was.  She.  Vince?


Me: Man!  I been here an hour and you really ain’t emm say two words to me an NOW you wanna ask me 50-lemm questions – about dis here!

giphy (12)

Gym: Hiiiiii!

giphy (49)

Me: (@&*!%#)

giphy (10)

Gym: How are you?  Heyyy!!!

giphy (64)

Me: I’m confused…

Gym: I’m so glad you finally came to see me.  It’s been soooo long.

200 (1)

Me: So, you’re being facetious right now.  Got it.

Gym: Whatever do you mean, Bae?

giphy (58)

Me: Oh, I’m Bae now?

Gym: You been Bae, silly!  I just had to let you suffer a little bit since you tried to play me.

giphy (8)

Me: Like when I fell all in that machine and you just snickered with cha lil friends, but kept it pushing?

Gym: You gotta chalk that up to the game, playa!

giphy (9)

Me: Em-hmm…

Gym: Anyway, you ok?

giphy (44)

Me: Yeah, I’m cool…

Gym: Come on, don’t be like that.

Me: I mean, yeah I’m a little sore.

Gym: Good!

giphy (10)

Me: What!?

giphy (3)

Gym: You need to be sore!  I’m glad!

Me: (%#$&@!)

giphy (4)

Gym: Over the next few weeks, I’m finna wear that ass out until you learn to respect me and treat me the way that I deserve!

Me: Mannnnn, how tf did we get HERE?

giphy (16)

Gym: And, don’t think I done forgot about the lil trolip you had on the phone when you walked up in here.

200 (3)

Me: I gotta get outta here!

giphy (9)

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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