Cocoa, Part II

September 2, 2016

Weight Watchers, Cocoa: I

Weight Watchers: So, we’re still on for dinner tonight, right?

giphy (41)

Me: But of course!  I’m a hit the gym, shower, and get right at chu.


WW: Okay, but you know the reservation is at 7.  We gotta stick to the plan.  I can’t have my almost-man eating after 8.  It’s a bad habit you gotta break.

giphy (2)

Me: Almost-man?

WW: What?  Y’ain know?

giphy (39)


Phone: Ring.

Me: Baby, wait.  Hol’up a sec.

giphy (24)

Phone: Ring!

Me: Whaddup, P!?

Phone: Nothing, just working.  Got this call for ya, big fella!

Me: Who dat is?

Phone: Guess?

Me: I’m really not sure, but you still got Dubs holding right?  I can’t have her waiting too long.

Phone: Yeah, don’t worry.  I got chu.  But, it’s ya girl, Cocoa.

Me: Oh, word!

giphy (25)

Phone: You want me to have her call back?

Me: Nah, lemme get Dubs off the line right quick.

Phone: Bet!  Okay, here she go.

Me: Baby?

giphy (26)

WW: Yep.

Me: Lemme call you right back.

WW: No, don’t worry about it.  I’m meal prepping for the week, anyway.  Do what chu gotta do and I’ll just see you tonight.  Don’t be late!

Me: Bet!  And, I won’t.  Talk to you later, baby.

WW: Okay, bye!

Me: P, she still on the line?

Phone: Yep.

Me: Put her through for me, one time.

Phone: Word!  Here she go.

Me: Hello?

Cocoa: Heyyy!

giphy (23)

Me: Cece, wassup Baby!

giphy (18)

CC: Ouuuuu-nothin!

giphy (69)

CC: Where is Zaddy and what is him doinnnnn?

giphy (3)

Me: Missing ma lil chocolate drop!

CC: Hmmm… That right?

giphy (52)

Me: Yes, lawd!

giphy (4)

To be continued…


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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