I’m Not Your Fetish Bitch!

Last week, in Episode 1v1 The Road to Pre-Bae, we discussed what it means to feel as though you have been objectified and fetishized in the eyes of another person. Also, we addressed how one’s sense of self-esteem has a personal effect on his or her overall dating life.  

Check out this question one listener had for our Trix with the Fix segment:

“I’m an Afro-Latina woman with a very curvaceous Latina look. Because of my look, a lot of men tend to right away fetishize me and put me into that sex kitten hot Latina role. They right away want me to always be sexy, speak Spanish to them especially in the bedroom, and play that hot Latina role they’ve always dreamed of. I don’t want to be anyone’s fetish… I don’t even speak Spanish. How do I let these guys know that I actually am more than what they’ve fetishized me to be?


I’m not your fetish… Bitch”

Trix definitely had something powerful to say, but one major point is definitely setting your standards and not allowing anyone to put you into a specific category or role. If you realize someone is only out to use in some way, let’s say just for some specific fantasy sex role, then chances are they’re not THAT into you boo.

Another topic we discussed was body positivity. Huey addressed whether he felt his height has an impact on his dating life while Trixie addressed if her weight has had an impact on hers.  

Do women have a height requirement for men? Are men fetishizing BBW’s? To hear some more great words of wisdom, click here. take a listen to last week’s episode of The Book of Huey, 1v2 INYFB, and don’t forget to listen to Episode 1v1 The Road to Pre-Bae!


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