My Black Ass Thanksgiving

If you didn’t get a chance to hear it Episode 1v2 INYFB, definitely check it out! It’s sure to titillate your mind on what it means to be fetishized amongst several other interesting hot topics.

In Episode 1v3 Black Ass Thanksgiving, Huey and Trixie each had their separate shenanigans. Trixie went through the process of adopting a rescue shelter dog she affectionately named Cash Money. Adopting a new dog was a longer process than anticipated but well worth it considering the gift of potentially being a new puppy mommy! Huey enjoyed a good Friendsgiving celebration with his friends and went to an adult slumber party where he kicked-it, enjoyed hookah, and drank through the night.

Both discussed what they’re both looking forward to and hoping to avoid this holiday season. For Trix, it’s that dreaded question that just about every single woman gets…”Where is your Man?” Huey can’t stand being asked about when he’s going to settle down and have kids. In his mind, he’s only 30 and it’s not like he’s been putting off having children THAT long!  

Every Black Ass Thanksgiving has its fair share of family drama. Sometimes those memes that you see on Black Twitter joking about Black Thanksgiving are true! Even I had to endure the boyfriend question this year which I was hoping to avoid this year. These conversations had us pondering about when we felt was the right time to bring our significant others home to meet our families.  Huey thinks it should be whenever you feel you are ready. However, he’s not about to bring just anyone to meet his family.  If he decides to bring someone home, you know he’s in a very serious relationship with her. Trixie is more of a private person with her dating life, but she feels as though you should just “go with the flow” and it should be a very mutual decision.

If you ask me, as a person who has been through a few long-term relationships you have to take into consideration if your significant other wants to see their family for the holidays, it can be hard to split time between two households unless you’ve discussed it prior. Also, you want to always be sure that it isn’t just a casual everyday dating relationship. Let’s be real, why waste a good Thanksgiving meal on someone who isn’t even planning to stick around beyond next week?!

As always, thank you for tuning in!


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