What We Not Gone Do!

Thank you for another wonderful week tuning into The Book of Huey Podcast!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as we are now counting down to our Black Ass Christmas! Last week we discussed, 1v4 What We Not Gone Do! Tune-in to last week’s episode by clicking here.

Huey is so sick and tired of everyone thinking he’s hoeing in these streets when simply, he’s just dating around and trying to figure out who’s really there for him. However, when it comes to relationships and breaking up, Huey feels it’s important to tell that person the truth about what went wrong in the relationship. Hopefully, this honesty will help others to see where things went wrong and how to do things better in any future relationships.

Trixie, on the other hand, is really tired of people trying to take advantage of her kindness. She’s working on telling people the truth about what she’s feeling, despite how harsh it may seem at times. It’s just where she is right now until she can find a better balance of not being too abrasive with what she says. Both Huey and Trixie feel that setting expectations, speaking honestly, being assertive, and telling others “what we not finna do” will help set the bar for what they are looking for in how they want their relationships to work.

One big thing about honesty is that you don’t have to go ghost and disappear on people without telling them what it is that bothered you in the first place. I can say from having been ghosted, it’s a terrible feeling to have all communication cut off and lack a firm understanding of where things might have gone wrong in the relationship. It’s disrespectful and doesn’t allow the person being ghosted to gain any closure. My guidance is to just be open and honest with people about the issues you are having and you’ll basically be less of a shitty person in the long run.

For this week’s Trix with the Fix, we talked about where to draw the line between being thirsty and persistent. Trixie feels it depends on how the individual person views thirst to begin with. It depends on what kind of woman you are and if you’re the type who likes a man to pursue you a certain way. Huey thinks thirst is an overused term and that there’s a difference between someone trying to pursue you versus someone disregarding your lack of reciprocated interest. If he or she doesn’t want you playa, but you’re steady trying to change their mind, you might be thirsty and/or doing way too much.

I personally have written on this topic a lot and it really burns my biscuits when I hear women calling a man thirsty simply for being respectful and showing interest. There are a lot of women who are simply not used to being talked to in a respectful manner or courted so they assume a man is thirsty.   Women have to take the lead in not being so quick to call a man thirsty for showing interest. Men, on the other hand, have to find a balance between being persistent and taking cues when a woman is not interested.

Well, that ends this week’s recap. Shout out to Huey for mentioning his wonderful production team. We all truly appreciate the love! Tune in for our next episode where we discuss Sugar Daddies and Mamas, along with the Sugar Babies they sponsor! Oh yeah, this will be a good one! Stay tuned!


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