2v2 featuring Donteacia Seymore

Donteacia is an innovation strategist, inventor, business coach, and host of The G Spot Podcast.

“I help inventors BUILD, FUND, AND LAUNCH their products.”


Everyone’s growth spot is different. Some may want to be a millionaire living a fast-paced life, while others may prefer a lighter pace to things. Whatever your preference, we want to help you find your sweet spot in today’s global marketplace. Join us Every Wednesday at 8am Eastern for a new episode (iTunes & SoundCloud).

If you have a product you want to bring to market, go to http://www.donteaciaseymore.com and download her free e-book, The Complete Guide on How to Build Your Incredible Invention.

To sign up for podcast updates, go to http://www.thegspotpodcast.com.

Tune-in on Thursday, 2/8/17 for Episode 2v2 Or Better!


Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

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