What About your Friends?

After a short hiatus, The Book of Huey Podcast is back! We’ve relaunched bigger and better than ever for our second season of relationship talk with a twist of pure fuckery.  We have an amazing new logo which you should check out as well as upcoming engaging interviews lined up this season. In 2v1 What About Your Friends!?, Huey teamed up with Shanta King, the “VA Chick” herself, the host of the What Would Shanta Do? Podcast.  

In this week’s announcements, Huey informed everyone that Trixie decided to leave the show. She has a lot going on in terms of work and personal ventures – some of which we will hear about in this upcoming season. We wish Trixie well on her upcoming projects!

This week’s episode focused on the question of would you refer someone that you used to date to a friend that you think that they would be a better match with?

Huey feels like you shouldn’t have a problem referring a friend, especially if you claimed to have moved on from the situation in the first place. In his opinion, if you’re truly over someone then it shouldn’t be a big deal to give a word to a friend.

Shanta doesn’t have a problem with referrals either, just as long as this person isn’t trying to date someone in your close friend circle. If so, the friends involved should have a conversation just to make sure everyone is okay with the situation before any actions take place.

“Fair game is fair game. You cannot claim what you don’t want to keep.”

So what are your thoughts on this topic? If you weren’t feeling someone, would you refer them to a friend? Conversely, if your friend dated someone and it didn’t work out, would you make your move? Send us your comments and tell us what you think.

Listen to Huey’s interview with Shanta below. As always, be sure to leave us a review and comment on The Book of Huey Podcast Fan Page! We also have a discussion group that we invite you to join as well.


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