“Real talk… Real conversation… Forget the holding back and being afraid to be authentic. We can talk love, sex, relationships, and dating on a deeper level without feeling as though we’re being judged… No surface level stuff here…” – Jeanine Cruz

“This author brings tons of creative and innovative laughs. His storytelling is simply amazing and leaves his audience wanting more. His relationship storylines always leave me laughing and in tears. I like that his thoughts are well rounded and coupled with edge and wit. Simply put he’s DOPE. I always look forward to the next read and truly hope others support. Good luck Huey Booker, you are built to amaze.” – Andrea Wilson

“This is exactly what I’m talking about. It should be simple and liberating. We should be able to turn to this relationship for comfort and contentment. Nice work Vince!” – Dalemeshia Brewer in response to Love Isn’t Enough: Ludus