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The Book of Huey Podcast has the pleasure of introducing you to our hosts, Huey Booker and Trixie Summerborn. Though both from Cleveland, Ohio, they didn’t meet and become friends until they connected in the Washington, D.C. area in 2015 when Huey “swan-dived face-first” in Trixie’s DMs. They are now the best of friends, talk all the time, and want to share their conversations with the world.

They have a dedicated aim and focus. “Huey and I have like the best conversations always talking about love, life, sex, relationships,” Trixie said. “I think I have a unique perspective. I’m really excited to meet more people during this process… hear different people’s opinions.”

Huey echoed Trixie’s thoughts in that he’s most excited about the types of conversations that [they’re] going to have and made it very clear that he’s no relationship guru. He likes to talk to people, debate, and probe, particularly about the show’s 5 topics – love, sex, dating, relationships, and all the fuckery in-between. It’s most important to him that The Book of Huey is a “safe ass space where people don’t feel judgement, they don’t feel condemned, and we can just talk about the different lifestyles that are available, the different opportunities that people have.”

They don’t pretend to be relationship gurus. Huey and Trixie are dedicated to speaking from the heart as they live and share from their own personal experiences. For example, Trixie recently decided to take a break from dating because she “really wasn’t meeting the type of men that [she] should be developing life long friendships or even romantic relationships with.” After getting tired of experiencing the same struggles, she decided to take a step back and “change up her circle a little bit” for different results.

Huey actually “recently started dating again” as [he] had a short-lived relationship earlier this year” that didn’t really work out. In his words, there’s no villain to that story, but Trixie adamantly disagrees.

They are passionate about open, transparent communication. We’re all very different people in our likes, preferences, and proclivities, so it stands to reason that our experiences, perspectives, decision making styles, and worldviews would also all be different.

In Huey’s opinion, people “shouldn’t wait until they’re in the midst of a passionate disagreement before they have serious conversations about compromise and their non-negotiables. At this point, it’s too late, especially if emotions are high and everyone involved is on the defensive.

It’s his hope that someone will be listening and hear something on the show that challenges them on a deeper level to find opportunities to engage in these types of dialogues, but in a safe way before there’s a problem in their relationship. 

Be sure to checkout Episode 1v1 – The Road to Pre-Bae at both SoundCloud and YouTube.

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October 7, 2016

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